Soo, got the urge to draw something sexy and ended up doing Jo and Yu. And I just remembered I need go on with character descriptions and stuff.
New wallpaper. I tried to go a for manga style, with screentones and stuff. DIdn't quite succeed, did I? XD
Anyways, I'd like to add speech bubbles, but what I come up with is just lame. Le Sigh.
And this is a like totally out of character dress for dear Jo. Don't think Yu minds much, though…

Dance with me )
So, after drawing the background/banner thingy I got thinking how the scene could go on. Since Jo's obviously in quite a seductive mood, how could happen next?

Raaaawr… NSFW-ness )

And now I wonder… should I really use that as my wallpaper? I use Bells Jamie in public after all.
Okay, starting again with introducing characters. Please, gimmeh feedback.
If you honestly think they‘re fine as they are, tell me. If you think I‘ve dumped a bit much on them, tell me.

And since the Twilightemie I‘ve learnt a new term: Mary Sue, and I‘m afraid there‘s some serious Mary Sueness going on here. So I need to know how others perceive them. If you have suggestions of any kind, please, feel free to share them. I might think: „Oh god, that‘s totally so out of character!“, but it still might give me new directions to explore.

So I just will give myself a kick and reveal everything important to you. Bear in mind that most characters were created by a child and grew over the years.

Let me introduce myself… )

I won't re-read it now, or I'll back out again. *clicks-Post*
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