Apr. 6th, 2010

Okay, starting again with introducing characters. Please, gimmeh feedback.
If you honestly think they‘re fine as they are, tell me. If you think I‘ve dumped a bit much on them, tell me.

And since the Twilightemie I‘ve learnt a new term: Mary Sue, and I‘m afraid there‘s some serious Mary Sueness going on here. So I need to know how others perceive them. If you have suggestions of any kind, please, feel free to share them. I might think: „Oh god, that‘s totally so out of character!“, but it still might give me new directions to explore.

So I just will give myself a kick and reveal everything important to you. Bear in mind that most characters were created by a child and grew over the years.

Let me introduce myself… )

I won't re-read it now, or I'll back out again. *clicks-Post*
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