So, after drawing the background/banner thingy I got thinking how the scene could go on. Since Jo's obviously in quite a seductive mood, how could happen next?


I'm not too sure if I got Jo's pose right. It's supposed to be something between seductively crawling towards him and mocking the 'Hey, play with me!' stance of a dog. The outstretched hand is still from the first thoughts about the scene, where she was offering Yu the leash. Having a second drawing where he actually attaches the leash came later and then I couldn't decide between. Thus I combined them. Yay!

I was a bit torn between leaving the hand as it is now or having it palm down, like shortly before touching Yu's knee. But to me an outstretched had, palm upwards, always appears like a very open, offering gesture, so I kept it this way.

Yu's pose took a while to figure out, too, but I'm quite pleased with how it came out. But don't look at a certain area. Just… don't. No really, don't. Cock!Fail. Ah well, first time I tried drawing one and even without reference. :P

And ZOMFG! I made a totally new picture for the background instead of just using details of the drawing itself! :O

Also, I'm introducing my watermark. :P
This Dragon was made for me to use by a friend. Go and find my initials hidden in it. :P
Dunno if I go and add my old pictures and reupload them… Lots of work connected to that and I'm a lazy girl.

Made in Scribbles (definitely starting to get the hang out of it) and put together in Photoshop.
Texture from here:

And now I wonder… should I really use that as my wallpaper? I use Bells Jamie in public after all.
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